Tula region presents active, cultural and gastronomy tourism in the region. Find out why it is the land of craft masters, museums and natural wonders

The Tula region is famous worldwide for its craftsmanship, beautiful nature, delicious gingerbread and hospitality. Get to know local travel businesses that will organize the reception of your tourists in Tula.


Discover Tula together with a tourism expert from the Tula region:
  • How to get there and how to travel around the Tula region.
  • Tourists from India in Tula may be interested in 5 topics. The first is Yasnaya Polyana - Leo Tolstoy's museum-estate.
  • The second reason: Tula is a city where a lot of metal was produced from local reserves in the subsoil. There is a Museum of Arms and decorative and applied arts.
  • The third reason: an excursion to the Tula Kremlin, a fortress with a heroic history that celebrates 500 years in 2020!
  • The fourth reason: the Tula Museum of Fine Arts (paintings, sculpture, decorative and applied arts of the 18th - early 20th centuries are exhibited there)
  • The fifth reason: Tula gingerbread as a gastronomic brand of the region. Indian national cuisine in Tula
Ekaterina Donskaya
Director, bureau of excursions "Guide71"
Tula: a city full of discoveries for foreign tourists
  • One-day excursion “Tula is a city of outstanding people. Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi ”
  • Excursion “Get to know Tula and taste it”
  • Excursion: “Wooden Tula — a unique corner of Russia.”
  • A city that will impress everyone.
  • Sightseeing and thematic excursions for individual tourists.
Aleksandra Lipkan
Guide, Agency of excursions “Guide in Tula”
Armenia in the center of Tula: get acquaintanted with the hotel complex “Armenia”
  • About the hotel complex “Armenia”
  • Attractions near the hotel
Ilya Faleev
General manager, “Vank i K” LLC, Hotel Armenia
Royal Tula Hotel:
  • Location and categories of rooms
  • Bars in the hotel
  • Conference rooms and other business services
  • Advantages of Royal Tula Hotel
Marina Kurganskaya
Head of the Sales Department, Royal Tula Hotel
Tourism and holidays in the Yasno Pole Ecopark:
  • Characteristics of the Yasno Pole Ecopark
  • Architecture for life: different formats of accommodation, art objects
  • What makes the Yasno Pole Ecopark unique: architecture in nature, art residence, theater, ceramic workshop
  • Ecopark residents: farm, stable, apitherapy
  • The Ecopark cheese factory is a real miracle: 5 gold medals in the Best Cheese of Russia 2020 competition.
Dmitry Cherepkov
General Manager, Yasno Pole Ecopark
Center Hotel presents:
  • Rooms and categories
  • Conference halls in the hotel
  • Tula Samovar cafe
Mikhail Kurgansky
Manager, Center Hotel

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