Traditional Russian towns of the Golden ring and cultural routes for your tourists in the Vladimir region: a place of dozens UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Vladimir region can boast of rich cultural heritage in close proximity to Russia’s capital, Moscow. All sorts of holidays are possible here: cultural, active, gastronomy tourism and much more.


Treasures of the Old Russia:
  • What connects India and the Vladimir region
  • Basic information about the region (attractions, crafts and trades of the Vladimir region)
  • Presentation of the tour of the Golden Ring cities (Moscow, Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vladimir, Suzdal)
Lyubov Kirillova
Manager of the travel agency “Severnoe Ozherelye”
Suzdal and its largest tourist complex:
  • UNESCO World Heritage sites in Suzdal.
  • Transport logistics and the history of Suzdal.
  • About Ltd. Turcenter (Sloboda Home).
  • Accommodation in Suzdal, public areas and services
Tatiana Savelieva
Business Development Manager, Pushkarskaya Sloboda and Guest Complex “Suzdal”
The detailed program will be announced soon.
John Maxwell Kopiski
Owner, agro-cultural tourist complex “Bogdarnya”
Unique production of handmade souvenirs at the center of a Traditional lacquer miniature, village of Mstyora:
  • Briefly about the village of Mstyora, where the production is located.
  • What is a lacquer miniature?
  • Lacquer miniature production process.
  • Photo review of the works of lacquer miniatures.
Evgeny Sokolov
Commercial Director, The center of a Traditional lacquer miniature

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