Why Russia? Overview of different types of tourism in the country, safety protocols and must visits

Russia is the biggest country in the world, and every tourist can find something exciting for themselves. In just 30 minutes you will get the essential information about tourism potential of Russia.



  • With Russia e-visa becoming available in 2021 all regions of the Russian Federation will be easier to reach: new points of attraction in Russia, in addition to the well-known Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • What to see in the most interesting regions of Russia: from far-eastern Kamchatka to northern Murmansk.
  • The Covid-19 agenda: new safety protocols and flexibility.
  • Smart travel trend. Biletarium platform as a digital solution for modern tourists travelling to Russia
Anisiia Evdokimova
PhD in economics, business development director of the Biletarium service, expert of REC (Russian Export Center), expert of the national project “My Business”, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Tourism and the Hospitality Industry for Inbound Tourism of Russian public organization “Business Russia” in St. Petersburg.

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