E-visa to Russia: a new comfortable way to travel. How to apply and what rules to follow? Tax Free shopping in Russia

Starting from January 2021 tourists from India can apply for an electronic visa to Russia. Get all answers from the representative of Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia: how to apply for an e-visa, how long it will be valid and everything else you need to know. Tax Free shopping in Russia: where to buy and how to get a refund



  • Benefits of facilitated visa procedures for traveling around Russia.
  • How can tourists from India apply for an e-visa: details, processing time, cost.
  • Visa rules: how to enter Russia with an e-visa, how long can tourists stay in the country.
  • Tax free shopping in Russia: where to buy and how to get a refund.
Demyan Smilevets
Head of Department for International Cooperation, Federal Agency for Tourism of Russia
  • Experience of using the facilitated visa system in St. Petersburg
  • Plans to increase tourist flow from India due to the introduction of a unified electronic visa throughout Russia.
  • Tax free in St. Petersburg: retail outlets and points of refunds, plans for the development of the tax free system in the city.
Nana Gvichiya
Deputy Chair of the St. Petersburg Committee for Tourism Development

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