Kamchatka: a magical journey to active volcanoes, geysers and untouched nature. Information on tours, accommodation and prices. Prize at the webinar!

The Kamchatka peninsula will be the journey of one’s lifetime! Seeing volcanoes or flying over the Valley of Geysers in a helicopter will definitely impress your tourists. Learn how to plan and organize a trip to Kamchatka and its opportunities for MICE.


Kamchatka: wild nature without backpacks or tents!
  • Travel company with thirty years of experience in the Kamchatka travel market.
  • Characteristics of the region (weather, nature, hotels, where to stay, how to get there).
  • What to do and what to see in Kamchatka (natural attractions, activities for tourists).
Irina Sedova
“Kamcthatintour” tour company
Tours to Kamchatka for all seasons with tour operator “Orlan Kamchatka”:
  • About Kamchatka region
  • Attractions in Kamchatka: how to keep tourists busy in the summer and winter seasons. Tourism brands in the region
  • Event tourism
  • Gastronomic tourism in Kamchatka
  • Where to accommodate tourists: different options for every tourist.
  • What other unique things does Kamchatka have to offer?
Tamara Malakhova
Director, ORLAN KAMCHATKA Со. Ltd.
MICE opportunities in Kamchatka (exhibitions, industrial tourism and incentive trips):
  • Industrial tourism (fish industry, dairy factory, gold mining).
  • Exhibitions and fairs, organization of business missions.
  • Ethnic programs and tours.
  • Team building tours.
  • Yoga retreats.
  • Gastronomic tourism.
  • Common mistakes in organizing corporate tours and how to avoid them.
  • Win a prize at the live session: free visit to «Larga place» + yoga lesson and welcome coffee/tea!
Maria Kachurina
Exotic fishing in the land of volcanoes:
  • About fishing.
  • How to get to the fishing facilities?
  • Accommodation: where to stay
  • What fish can your tourists catch?
  • Different types of fishing.
  • What should your tourists take with them?
  • How much does the tour cost?
  • What is included in the tour?
Valentina Rudyuk
CEO, Salmon area
Discover the tourist opportunities of Kamchatka with tour operator “ZimaLeto Travel Group”
  • How to get to Kamchatka?
  • The best time to book tours.
  • Different types of tourist products for every season.
  • Why is it profitable to work with ZimaLeto Travel Group?
  • Accommodation: from hostels to 5* hotels.
  • Group programs.
  • Visa support.
Maria Nazarova
Business manager, ZimaLeto Travel Group LLC
Trips to protected natural areas of Kamchatka with experts in the field of organizing photo tours and individual programs:
  • What to offer tourists in Kamchatka and the best time to visit.
  • Individual programs vs. standard tours.
  • Trips to nature reserves and parks of Kamchatka.
  • Transport, accommodation and gastronomy in Kamchatka.
  • “Must do” when planning trips to Kamchatka.
Alla Ganster
Llc. Kamchatka Jurta

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