Feel the warmth of the Russian Arctic. Murmansk region presents tours to see the Northern Lights and relax far away from civilization

The amazing beauty of the Russian Arctic is something your tourists would never want to miss. To catch the Northern Lights, ride a dog sled, stay in an icy igloo — find out everything about tours to the Murmansk region.


Meeting point: Arctic. Murmansk region. Catch the Northern Lights
Angelica Iapyre
Director general, tour operator “North for you”
The Murmansk region: a journey to the edge of the Earth
Ruslan Ryadovkin
Sales Manager, Nordwell
Murmansk region is the heart of Northern Fleet of Russia-sightseeing and activities in military style
Lina Ignateva
English speaking guide LLC “Raduga Severa”, Murmansk region
Challenge the Arctic: all about active and extreme recreation in the Murmansk region
Sergey Panfilov
Development director, LLC HIBINY FOR YOU
Husky Park and the Indigenous Peoples of the North:
  • The location of the Husky Park.
  • Who are Sami people: culture and life.
  • The reindeer as a symbol of the well-being of the Sami.
  • Husky Park: history of development, about the breed, services provided
  • Drawing up a menu taking into account the preferences of the guests.
  • Guest house: an opportunity to spend time in the company of up to 8 people in the serenity of the Russian Lapland
  • Contact Information
Victoria Korotkova
General director, Lappi-tour
Arctic cuisine, grace of northern taste
Lyubov Kondratyeva
Tourism manager of LLC Mintur

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