Yulia Begletsova
SELENA Travel company, Director of corporate accounts, Krasnodar region
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Mohammed Bourghol
Dear Madam, how we could have a business collaboration and thanks. Regards... Mohammed
Yulia Begletsova
Dear Mr.Bourghol, thank you for your interest to Krasnodar region! We'll be happy to collabote accepting Indian tourists here.
Sanjeev Sharma
how we can promote your region. We are MICE Tour Operator and high-end FIT's
Yulia Begletsova
I guess you need exact materials and particular information about the region and tourism facilities here. You can write me to begletsova.y@selena-travel.ru. And I will send materials to you. Thank you!
How many days are required to cover must see attraction in Krasnodar region ? Also what is the ideal connection with Moscow / St. Petersburg ?
Yulia Begletsova
The best possible period is 1 week. You can easily get to Krasnodar or Sochi by plane. It takes 2 hours to get from Moscow to Krasnodar, 2.5 hours Moscow - Sochi, 3 hours St.Petersburg - Krasnodar / Sochi.
Priyam Dandekar
Hello..Which places in particular are you promoting in Russia?
Yulia Begletsova
Hello! We promote Krasnodar region and North Caucasus republics
rahul gupta
advise ur e mail id
Yulia Begletsova
my e-mail: begletsova.y@selena-travel.ru
AMIT Navlani
Dear Team greet to see the Russian tourist show,Can u please suggest a good mountain region,which can be covered along with Moscow or st. Petersburg for the fist time visitor and also the apx starting package range..thx
Yulia Begletsova
Thank you for your question! We would recommend you to come to Sochi by plane. It takes 2.5 hours from Moscow and 3 hours from St.Petersburg. From Sochi we can take you to Krasnaya Polyana. It`s the all-season mountain resort. Also you can get by plane to Krasodar, and we can organize 5-day tours to North Caucasus mountain regions - Dombay and Elbrus region. Apx starting package - from 400$/person. A 5-day tour includes transfers, accommodation, meals, excursions, accident insurance
ESTEEM GREETINGS WE ARE LEADING MICE /GROUPS/CORPORATE GROUPS / FIT COMPANY pls tell us about your region ***flight connectivity ••••• Indian Cuisine •••••• How is the night life ? Safety COVID PROTOCOLS ? Are budget tours available ? FOC policies ? Visa procedure ? Pvt Parties and Cruise tours ? THIS WI HEP US TO SELL THE REIGION BETTER PS ASO SHARE NAME OF THE activities OPERATing THERE avtartravels9@gmail.com +919779700999
Clive Andrades
Hello Yulia Is it possible to cross the border from Georgia or Azerbaijan to Krasnodar with a evsia? Also, what are the major attractions of this place that could be intriguing to the young travelers?
Yulia Begletsova
Hello, Mr. Andrades! Unfortunately Krasodar region doesn`t border neither with Georgia nor with Azerbaijan. It`s possible to go by plane changing in Istambul or Moscow. For children we offer Interactive parks (Sochi Park, "The Roman Empire" park, Cossack village "Ataman"), Sochi Discovery World Aquarium, zoos, dolphinariums, water parks, etc.
Sanjeev Sharma
We are MICE and High-end FIT tour operators from Mumbai. Appreciate if you send us your business profile and set the package program at info@triusholiday.com
Yulia Begletsova
Of course we`ll send the materials and will be glad to answer your questions))
Jay Saraogi
What is the suggested itinerary for Krasnodar region?
Yulia Begletsova
For the first visit we would recommend Sochi and Gelendzhik. Sochi is famous among foreign tourists with it`s Olympic heritage and Krasnaya Polyana mountain resort. Gelendzhik is a cosy resort-city with lots of sightseeing attractions interesting both for adult and chidren.
Sunil Mishra
Could you please share some sample itineraries for training and promotional purpose?
Yulia Begletsova
I`m sending you a link to itinerary for Krasnodar region coordinated by Ministry of Krasnodar region resorts, tourism and Olympic heritage https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XE1OyoAbyWfxPK6YhxwOhcP_XDTfn9lq/view?usp=sharing
Jitesh Lapasiya
For a MICE Group can All inclusive trip be arranged with all meals, travelling and entrance fees included in the cost?
Yulia Begletsova
Yes, sure. We organize individual and group business-trips including all expenses
Suchitra Lanjekar
Please send programs for Agri-tourism study tours in Krasanodar as well as for Students of possible.
Yulia Begletsova
Unfortunately we do not make study tours. Only tourism
Manish Kumar
What packages do you offer for group travel and FIT?
Yulia Begletsova
Dear Mr.Kumar! All the materials are sent to your e-mail.
Dhruvin Kamdar
Dear Ms.Yulia, Hi! Hope all good! We found you on Russia Expo Days Exhibition and wanted to know about your interest for technology, so we can send you meeting request. Puratech Solutions based in Mumbai, we are a travel technology company with eTOS (Enterprise Travel Operations Suite) as our flagship brand. We cater segments like DMC’s, Islands, Tour Operator (Outbound, Inbound), Hajj and Umrah Tour Operator, Online Travel Agent (OTA), Car Rentals, Consolidators (Distribution Platforms for Hotel, Car, Activity). eTOS provides a robust Mid-office with plugins of your business which could be B2C, B2B , B2B2C, B2E, and White label solution. eTOS builds solutions with your imagination! http://www.etos.co.in Lets schedule a meeting via email and discuss further on Travel Technology.. Thank You, Dhruvin V. Kamdar
Yulia Begletsova
Dear Mr.Idrees! Thank you for your interest. I`ve sent you (by e-mail) our materials that can be interesting for collaboration. If you have more questions and need more inormation, please write to me.
Suparna Dasgupta
Good morning, Please share standard leisure packages for Indian FITs. Packages with detailed itineraries and validity to promote further. What's the best time to travel? Kindly mail at thetravelcubes@gmail.com WhatsApp number +91 9343369109
Jatinder Gupta
Hi Yulia, Please let us know what regions you are covering of Russia, we are interested in collaborating with you.
Yulia Begletsova
Hi! We cover Krasnodar region, Adygeya (it`s mountain part) and Northern Caucasus (Elbrus region, Dombay, Arkhyz). I`m sending you materials at you e-mail.
Ehab Abdelaziz
Dear Yulia, Greeting from Al-Qalaa Travel – Kuwait We hope this e-mail finds you well. Greetings from Ehab Abdelaziz - Director of Alqalaa Travel and Tourism Office, Kuwait. I am looking for an opportunity to cooperate with your company in organizing the trips to Russia. Waiting for your kind replay ASAP. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me directly on the below contact details. Best Regards, Ehab Abdelaziz Office Manager Al-Qalaa Travel & Tourism Office: +965 23845555 - 23847777 Cell: +965 500 84 935 - +965 566 56 126 Email: ehab@alqalaatravels.com www.online-tkt.com Sama Mall - Lower Ground Floor, Office No. 5, Egaila, Kuwait
Yulia Begletsova
Dear Mr. Abdelaziz! It would be wonderful to collaborate with your company! I`m sending you by e-mail our detailed programs - for groups and FITs as well. We are redy to discuss cooperation details and sign an agreement. Best regards!
Manoj Mehta
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Arvind Pandey
Hi Dear, If possible please share tentative packages for 2021-22 at holidayadda@gmail.com along with whatsapp number please. regards, Arvind Pandey Holidayadda.com Lucknow (India)
Yulia Begletsova
Hello! I`m sending you our programs. They are suitable both for groups and FITs
Aneeshkumar Cr
hi yulia is nightlife is available in your region ,
Yulia Begletsova
Hi, unfortunately it`s not available at the moment because of the pandemic situation. But we do hope it will be ok next year.
Shibani Ahuja Kapoor
what kind of culinary tours do you offer and which is the closest country to krasnador to be able to combine a multi-country tour
Yulia Begletsova
We can combine Georgia, Chechen Republic and Krasnodar. In this combination Caucasian cuisine is suitable
Sathi Banerjee
1. Can trekking be include in the itinerary? 2. Is is a moderate trekking or a difficult one where the person needs to undergo training? 3. Which is the famous cuisine? 4.What a tourist can purchase as a memory?
Yulia Begletsova
Hi! 1. Yes, we can include trekking 2. It a moderate trekking, you don`t need any pecial training 3. The most famous cuisines in the region - Caucasian and Kuban 4. You can take home - wine, cheese, honey, tea - the northernmost tea in the World, Cossack souvenirs
Shibani Ahuja Kapoor
Thanks for your answer Yulia . Can we please also have some interesting tours offered by your company and do you also provide services in Georgia. Can we crossover by surface from Georgia ?
Yulia Begletsova
Good afternoon! I`m sending you materials about our company and detailed programs. 1. SELENA Travel company business profile https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eFz1Xxn7TdkBqSIw62rrKMlk4Wj… 2. Group tours to Southern Russia (Krasnodar region and Northern Caucasus) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F1_67hIhok9dl1KRMXASv0Va61C… All tours start in Krasnodar. It's better for your tourists to get to Krasnodar.

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