Timur Rasulev
Director Dolores Travel Russia, Krasnodar region
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rahul gupta
advise ur e mail id
Timur Rasulev
ESTEEM GREETINGS WE ARE LEADING MICE /GROUPS/CORPORATE GROUPS / FIT COMPANY pls tell us about your COMPANY / region ***flight connectivity ••••• Indian Cuisine •••••• How is the night life ? Safety COVID PROTOCOLS ? Are budget tours available ? FOC policies ? Visa procedure ? Pvt Parties and Cruise tours ? THIS WI HEP US TO SELL THE REIGION BETTER PS ASO SHARE NAME OF THE activities OPERATing THERE avtartravels9@gmail.com +919779700999
Sanjeev Sharma
We are MICE and High-end FIT tour operators from Mumbai. Appreciate if you send us your business profile and set the package program at info@triusholiday.com
Timur Rasulev
Good afternoon. Please join our session on 11 Dec at 12:00 AM noon time.
Sunil Mishra
Could you please share some sample itineraries for training and promotional purpose?
Trivendra Srinet
Hi, Do you offer Hunting Packages.
Timur Rasulev
Hello, we don't offer hunting packages, but we can process your request if you can share some details. Thank you
Dhruvin Kamdar
Dear Mr.Timur, Hi! Hope all good! We found you on Russia Expo Days Exhibition and wanted to know about your interest for technology, so we can send you meeting request. Puratech Solutions based in Mumbai, we are a travel technology company with eTOS (Enterprise Travel Operations Suite) as our flagship brand. We cater segments like DMC’s, Islands, Tour Operator (Outbound, Inbound), Hajj and Umrah Tour Operator, Online Travel Agent (OTA), Car Rentals, Consolidators (Distribution Platforms for Hotel, Car, Activity). eTOS provides a robust Mid-office with plugins of your business which could be B2C, B2B , B2B2C, B2E, and White label solution. eTOS builds solutions with your imagination! http://www.etos.co.in Lets schedule a meeting via email and discuss further on Travel Technology.. Thank You, Dhruvin V. Kamdar
Manoj Mehta
INTERNATIONAL ONLINE AND TRAVEL MEDIA GROUP    Heavenly Indian’ Promotes International Tourism Online  including  Luxury Cruises  Mice & Wedding Destination, Medical & Ayurveda Wellness spa, Golf Courses, Wine Tourism, Agriculture and Food Tourism Across the World  and we are INVITED Media Partners and Delegates for Promotion of Tourism Worldwide. I am INVITED Hosted Media Partner and Media Delegate for many countries, having a large online presence globally, with 50 Million Hits Websites, www.heavelyindia.com, and over 8 Million views on Facebook.  Manoj  Mehta CEO & FOUNDER, MANAGING EDITOR,JOURNALIST,TRAVEL WRITER,WHATSAPP -M+919426572924
Irshad Husain
Dear Timur, Do you arrange trip from Russia to Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan?
Sathi Banerjee
1. When the borders are opening for Sochi? 2. What are the COVID guidelines? 3. If the person wins a huge amount in Casino, is there any taxes to be paid? How the amount is getting transferred? 4. What are the best casinos?
Irshad Husain
kindly get in touch on email info@fitoortravel.com / info@firstwishtravel.com Whatsapp - +971524504123 Looking forward to have business tie up for future. Thank you
Irshad Husain
We are focusing on Indian market with www.fitoortravel.com and UAE market with www.firstwishtravel.com Both belong to us. Kindly suggest best tour programm. Thank you
Kindly send us the packages you run with costs and FOC policy
Abhishek Dwivedi
Hello Comrade, is your Sochi destination is enough capable to provide suitable Indian style decorations & Indian style catering services on Indian weddings?What are possibilities other adventourous activities or sports are available to entertainment & a closure look on agro-culture,traditional dance? Is the night life places are also available at Sochi?Any suggestions
Shibani Ahuja Kapoor
how long is the flight to sochi from almaty ? Please speify if Georgia and Azerbaijan also combine well with your region ? Please can you send us some family tours for promotion with pricing and stay in quality hotels . Look forward

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