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Nimesh Amlani
Hi, I, am Nimesh Amlani from Global Holidays. I, would like to know more details about your region and places of visit, how many days required, how can we add this from Moscow or St. Petersburg. Please send us details Regards Nimesh Amlani General Manager - India Global Holidays PH: +91-9820607505
Nelli Gegechkori
Hi, Nimesh Amlani. Thanks for your interest. Regarding your clients itinerary first. If your clients intend to visit all three cities in one time, then they'll hardly spend 3 days in Sochi. Actually 3 days is the minimum term of stay to see splendours of the seaside and the mountain areas of Sochi. In this case Sochi is supposed to be in between Moscow and St. Petersburg. As for more details about Sochi, I would like to refer you to an English version of our web site There's much you can learn about Sochi districts, its places of interest and all the attractions as well as the hotels description. Please try it first and we'll be pleased to add more if needed. Awaiting your reply to our email:
Sanjeev Sharma
We are MICE and High-end FIT tour operators from Mumbai. Appreciate if you send us your business profile and set the package program at
Sunil Mishra
Could you please share some sample itineraries for training and promotional purpose?
Nelli Gegechkori
Hi KD Singh. Please find some info on our profile. We are a tour operator doing both incoming and outgoing travel as well as domestic trips. We are able to provide all kind of services to your clients as per your request. Our informative web site (English version) will help you to learn more about us and the region. Should you want even more, please write to our email: Please find below a sample itinerary with promotional purpose (3-4 days long); Day1. Arrive Sochi airport Adler – Transfer to one of the Centrally located hotel – Accommodation - Welcome cocktail party – Dinner at the hotel restaurant. Day 2. Buffet breakfast at the hotel – City tour of Sochi which includes professional visit to 4-5 popular hotels and Joseph Stalin’s summer home – Lunch at the National Georgian cuisine restaurant – Russian Tea Farm trip – Dinner at the hotel restaurant. Day 3. Buffet breakfast at the hotel. Check-out from the Central hotel – Trip to Krasnaya Polyana Mountain resort – Accommodation at one of the mountain hotels – Professional visit to the most popular mountain hotels - Lunch at the hotel restaurant – Trip to the mountain peak of 2 200 m above sea level by ski lifts – visit to Casino including dinner at one of the Casino restaurants Day 4. Check-out from the hotel – trip to the Olympic park – Professional visit to some hotels in Imeretinsky Resort - Formula 1 Circuit – Lunch at a Russian cuisine restaurant – Adventure Sky Park - Gala Dinner at one of the local restaurants Day 5. Buffet breakfast at the hotel – Souvenirs shopping – Check-out – Transfer to the Airport As for MICE events we provide all services as per Event Organizers request – hotel booking, conference halls, etc. Please advise if you need more information.
Dhruvin Kamdar
Dear Ms.Nelli, Hi! Hope all good! We found you on Russia Expo Days Exhibition and wanted to know about your interest for technology, so we can send you meeting request. Puratech Solutions based in Mumbai, we are a travel technology company with eTOS (Enterprise Travel Operations Suite) as our flagship brand. We cater segments like DMC’s, Islands, Tour Operator (Outbound, Inbound), Hajj and Umrah Tour Operator, Online Travel Agent (OTA), Car Rentals, Consolidators (Distribution Platforms for Hotel, Car, Activity). eTOS provides a robust Mid-office with plugins of your business which could be B2C, B2B , B2B2C, B2E, and White label solution. eTOS builds solutions with your imagination! Lets schedule a meeting via email and discuss further on Travel Technology.. Thank You, Dhruvin V. Kamdar
Nelli Gegechkori
Hi Dhruvin Kamdar. Thank you for proposing all these smart things. We are ready to contact you any time suitable for you. Kindly write to us to our email: Thanks and regards
Abhay Goel
Hi Nelli, I am interested to know more about Sochi & St. Petersburg - tours (guided), stay arrangements, choice of hotels, food variety, travel & transport arrangements, best time to visit these places, how long would it take to cover both of these places and nearby tourist attraction spots / places? Also, if you could guide me with all the above tour rates with return air transfers? Thanks
Nelli Gegechkori
Hi Abhay Goel . Let me start with Sochi as we’re based here. To learn more about this place kindly see our informative web site (English version) It’s hard to say which time of the year is preferable. If you plan to stay by the seaside, it’s July-September while the ski resorts welcome in April-March. Anyway the mountain resorts here are popular the year round. Please note staying in the mountains in summer time is much cheaper than by the seaside. There’s such a great variety of the hotels both by the sea side and in the mountains, and many them represent well-known international chains. As for food is concerned, we know your clients prefer their own food. Normally the restaurants here do their best to meet the clients needs. St.Petersburg is about 3 hours by air. Please find below the web site which will give an idea of its major attractions. Please inform if your clients prefer to stay right in the center or it’s not so important as hotel rates differ greatly. The best time to visit St.Petersurg is summer. And you need minimum a week to visit both cities. May we get back to the rates once you decide on the season and hotel stars. Awaiting your reply to our email:
Manoj Mehta
INTERNATIONAL ONLINE AND TRAVEL MEDIA GROUP    Heavenly Indian’ Promotes International Tourism Online  including  Luxury Cruises  Mice & Wedding Destination, Medical & Ayurveda Wellness spa, Golf Courses, Wine Tourism, Agriculture and Food Tourism Across the World  and we are INVITED Media Partners and Delegates for Promotion of Tourism Worldwide. I am INVITED Hosted Media Partner and Media Delegate for many countries, having a large online presence globally, with 50 Million Hits Websites,, and over 8 Million views on Facebook.  Manoj  Mehta CEO & FOUNDER, MANAGING EDITOR,JOURNALIST,TRAVEL WRITER,WHATSAPP -M+919426572924
Nelli Gegechkori
Hi. Pleased to learn about you and ready to co-operate. We can exchange the co-operation approach by email. Kindly write to us: Thanks and regards
Shibani Ahuja Kapoor
Please can we know more about the healing holidays and spa vacations in your region. some itineraries and approx pricing so we can promote the same accordingly. Our clients do not need Indian food and like to eat local delicacies and experiences. We also cater to many clients from US, UK and Europe. Can we offer the same rates to them as well?
Nelli Gegechkori
Hi. Thanks for your interest. To learn more about treatment and Spa facilities in Sochi kindly see our informative web site and Hope this will give you and idea of curative programs that can be arranged for your clients. Please note, there are options of staying in hotels while having treatment in a nearby health center or staying right in a health center and have treatment there. Normally all treatments are provided in the first part of the day while the afternoons can be used for excursions. Before giving the rates please let us know which season your clients prefer to come. The rates are different being higher in the summer by the seaside and lower in the mountains and vice versa. Also if they prefer SPA programs in the mountain area, there so many nice SPA hotels such as Rixos, Marriott, Rosa Springs, etc. The rates will be the same for all your clients no matter what country they are from. Awaiting your reply to our email: Thanks and regards
Do you have India Friendly hotel in Sochi? We want to send one group for MICE event and they will need autentic jain food during the event in the hotel itself
Nelli Gegechkori
Hi. Many Sochi hotels would be happy to have Indian tourists. But not many of them can provide the required food. Anyway Zhemchuzhina hotel by the seaside is ready to meet your clients requirements. Centrally located it’s the right hotel for MICE events which can offer all the necessary facilities for such events including a number of conference halls and English-speaking personnel. Hope this reputable 4* hotel will not disappoint your clients. Kindly write to our email: Thanks and regards

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