Evgeny Sokolov
Commercial Director The center of a Traditional lacquer miniature, Vladimir region
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Do we have any sales outlet or workshop where tourist can learn, participate and buy beautiful Russian lacquer art products at Moscow or St. Petersburg?
Evgeny Sokolov
Hello, Yes, our products are available in Moscow and St. Petersburg in souvenir shops. If you are interested, I can send you the addresses of retail outlets. I can also send you a catalog of our products and if you like something I will send it to the transport company in India. Whatsapp for communication +79209025460
Sanjeev Sharma
how we can promote your region. We are MICE Tour Operator and high-end FIT's
ESTEEM GREETINGS WE ARE LEADING MICE /GROUPS/CORPORATE GROUPS / FIT COMPANY pls tell us about your region ***flight connectivity ••••• Indian Cuisine •••••• How is the night life ? Safety COVID PROTOCOLS ? Are budget tours available ? FOC policies ? Visa procedure ? Pvt Parties and Cruise tours ? THIS WI HEP US TO SELL THE REIGION BETTER PS ASO SHARE NAME OF THE activities OPERATing THERE avtartravels9@gmail.com +919779700999
Sanjeev Sharma
We are MICE and High-end FIT tour operators from Mumbai. Appreciate if you send us your business profile and set the package program at info@triusholiday.com
Melody Palomares
Prior to sending the tourists to the areas where they can buy souvenir items from your place, will there be a product orientation which will explain how the items are made and other pertinent information - Melody Palomares - General Manager of MAVP Travel & Tours / President of United Travel Agencies and Operators Association (UTAOA) Mobile # +639285082658 (WhatsApp/Viber #) Email Address: mavptravel@yahoo.com FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/MAVPTravel Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mavptravelandtours
Abhishek Dwivedi
Good Evening Mr. Director, As tax free shopping was one of the major discussion. Once again I wanna clarify my doubts on the tax free shopping limits,it's procedures through your appropriate solutions & suggestions?
Suparna Dasgupta
Good morning, Please share standard leisure packages for Indian FITs. Packages with detailed itineraries and validity to promote further. What's the best time to travel? If possible, then please share the DMC list to contact directly. Kindly mail at thetravelcubes@gmail.com WhatsApp number +91 9343369109
Abhishek Dwivedi
Privet Mr. Director, What are the business possibilities for exporters & importer's & also are they eligible to business subsidizes?
Abhishek Dwivedi
Can we hope, agro-culture tour will provide a better opportunity for tourists to have a closure look on Russian style dairies,organic farming,horse riding , Horticulture,vineyards,poultry & many related fields of agriculture, traditional russian dress+music+handicrafts with UNESCO Heritage monuments visits. Is it really possible to exchange Indian traditional values like handicrafts,dress,vocal & air muscial instruments such as Indian flutes?Any suggestions
Manoj Mehta
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Rohan Nair
Dear Sir, can you suggest leisure tour for senior citizen in this region. also please share contact person who can sahre your rest packages to us. email : theyugenholidays@gmail.com

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