Marina Kurganskaya
Head of the Sales Department, Tula region
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Hello Marina , Good Morning ! How is the weather in your region, best time to visit,how many days is ideal to plan to see & feel the region.
Mahendra Vakharia
hi Marina. can you advise what is the best period to visit your region ? how many days are required to experience the region ? i have no idea about the region, so information will be very helpful. and finally is vegetarian food available easily (are there any Indian Restaurants ? ) thank you .
Alok Verma
Greetings of the day, may i know about the place to interest from Jan to March, availability of Indian and Veg food. What is the best time to visit Tula. What all activities are there for adventure lovers
Jatinder Gupta
Hi, Please send us more information about the destination. Thanks & best regards, Jatinder Gupta
Melody Palomares
What support can your department be able to extend for travel agents doing MICE? ---- Melody Palomares - General Manager of MAVP Travel & Tours / President of United Travel Agencies and Operators Association (UTAOA) Mobile # +639285082658 (WhatsApp/Viber #) Email Address: FB Page: Linkedin:
Sanjeev Sharma
We are MICE and High-end FIT tour operators from Mumbai. Appreciate if you send us your business profile and set the package program at
HEY HI DEAR MY COMPANY NAME IS AVTAR TRAVELS, we send lot of MICE / FITGROUPS AND CORPORATE GROUP TO RUSSIA, PS explain me about the TULA REIGION how can we connect with Moscow and s.petersburg, what is the occupancy available and sightseeing what age groups can we target for TULA aLso pLs share info THANKS KD SINGH
Emmanual F
Kindly , send all your hotel tariff in
Priyesh Dobariya
does SK royal hotel provide veg Indian food or is it possible to handover kitchen if we come with our MICE group in TULA ? also does your rates will be same as with DMC's of Tula, Russia? or it will be depend on business we will give to you?
Marina Kurganskaya
Good afternoon! We have wide range of vegetarian cuisine, but if you need specifically Indian recipies, we can prepare them, but it will have to be a custom request in advance. As for the kitchen - we have a big "appartment" room type with the kitchen and utensils
Vishal Upadhyay
Hello, Just like other people i would like to ask few same and some different questions. How many days are enough? Is there any possibility to get special discount on excursion? As i mentioned in 2-3 questions that i normally travel solo so, this can help solo travels as well. Or is it possible to get FAM trip any time? thanks
Marina Kurganskaya
Good afternoon! Usually 3 days is enough to get a relatively full experience of the city. FAM trip is possible, but if you want a tour guide, but it`s better to book it few days in advance
Manoj Mehta
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