Andrei Davydiuk
Head of the Undiscovered Land Travel Agency, Amur region
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Priyam Dandekar
Hello..Which places in particular are you promoting in Russia?
Deepika Choudhary
Hello Andrei, Can we recommend the Russia Trip FITs or more advisable to Student, Group or Social Group?Can we get the Visa direct from Russian Supplier?
Nimesh Amlani
Hi, I, am Nimesh Amlani from Global Holidays. I, would like to know more details about your region and places of visit, how many days required, how can we add this from Moscow or St. Petersburg. Please send us details Regards Nimesh Amlani General Manager - India Global Holidays PH: +91-9820607505
Deepika Choudhary
Do Russian major Cities have many Indian Restaurant many. and if yes do u recommend a few?
When visiting the Amur region, which three (3) destinations would you recommend? What is there that makes each special and not to be missed?
AMIT Navlani
Dear Team greet to see the Russian tourist show,whats the special must see thing about region and whats can best combined with it while some one visit russia for the first time.thx ..Amit from travel Solutions Indore,India
Vimal Solanki
Can you provide some sample itineraries.../ also what is the status of Pure veg or jain food..?
Sathi Banerjee
1. Can you send me details about your property? 2. What are the cuisine available at your property? 3. How safe it is for solo traveler? 4. Incase of emergency, how are you providing your services? 5. What kind of services are you providing which is complimentary with your hotel bookings? 6. What is the best time to visit your place?
Irshad Husain
Hi there, Hope this message finds you well. I want to ask about FIT & Group booking requirements for our future customers. We have few bookings for Feb and they want to travel to Armenia and Georgia. If there is any possibility then we can make it as combo for Russia, Armenia and Georgia? Pls suggest / Thank you
Irshad Husain
What is the chances for destination wedding events? How safe is it for solo or girls travellers?
Irshad Husain
Is there any chance for education consultancy business ? Is it a good idea to open Karaoke Cafe & Bar there?
Jatinder Gupta
Hi Please let us know more about Amur region.
How can we reach Amur region ? How many days we can plan for ? Vegetarian meals available ? Best 3 or 4 destinations in this region
Can you send me all details in mail ?
Anil Bhardwaj
What is the rates range for 4 stars hotels
Anil Bhardwaj
What is the possibilites for vegetarian foods as many Indians prefer veg food specually from Gujrat
HEY HI DEAR MY COMPANY NAME IS AVTAR TRAVELS, we send ot of MICE / FITGROUPS AND CORPORATE GROUP TO RUSSIA, PS expain me about the AMUR REIGION how can we connect with moscow and s.petersburg, what is the occupany available and sightseeing what age groups can we target for Amur aso ps share a info THANKS KD SINGH
Anil Bhardwaj
What is the normal temprature in Amur from April to August
Anil Bhardwaj
How many days are required to visit Amur and which is the best connecting place from there and how far it is.
Alok Verma
Greetings of the day, may i know about the place to interest from Jan to March, availability of Indian and Veg food. What is the best time to visit Amur and what is the best way of connectivity from Moscow
Anil Bhardwaj
What is the best souvenirs one can buy there
Anil Bhardwaj
Do you have any UNESCO buildings in your region
Asif Chowdhury
What are business opportunities in Russia?
Clive Andrades
Dear Sir, I would like to know what are the major touristic and cultural attractions of the Amur region? Also which is the most convenient way to get there either from Moscow or St. Petersburg? And, is this region feasible for budget tourists?
sudhir Tuli
Hello Ms Andrei, Kindly share your current packages for 2021. We are more keen in Adventure Tours, Rail tours, Cycling and Walking holidays - if you do any. Also would be great if you can also share some hi-res pictures allowing us to share the same on our website as well for promotions purposes. Thanks
Sanjeev Sharma
We are MICE and High-end FIT tour operators from Mumbai. Appreciate if you send us your business profile and set the package program
Jay Saraogi
Could you please share some sample itineraries for training and promotional purpose?
Sunil Mishra
Could you please share some sample itineraries for training and promotional purpose?
Trivendra Srinet
Hi, What are your preferences & specialties for 2021. Can hunting packages available for your region.
Manish Kumar
Hi. What are the prospects of Eco tourism in your region?
Kaushik Das
What are the main attractions in your region and how many nights minimum is required to stay .
Suparna Dasgupta
Good afternoon, I want to ask about the FIT requirements for our future customers. Mostly are looking for a combo of Armenia and Georgia. Any scope to have a combination with Russia, Armenia, and Georgia? If yes then please share a few standard packages at My WhatsApp number is +91 9343369109
What are the main attractions in your region and how many nights and days minimum is required to stay .
Saurabh Kumar
How many days required for mice group specially pharmacy company group with 2 days visit Russia.
Dhruvin Kamdar
Dear Mr.Andrei, Hi! Hope all good! We found you on Russia Expo Days Exhibition and wanted to know about your interest for technology, so we can send you meeting request. Puratech Solutions based in Mumbai, we are a travel technology company with eTOS (Enterprise Travel Operations Suite) as our flagship brand. We cater segments like DMC’s, Islands, Tour Operator (Outbound, Inbound), Hajj and Umrah Tour Operator, Online Travel Agent (OTA), Car Rentals, Consolidators (Distribution Platforms for Hotel, Car, Activity). eTOS provides a robust Mid-office with plugins of your business which could be B2C, B2B , B2B2C, B2E, and White label solution. eTOS builds solutions with your imagination! Lets schedule a meeting via email and discuss further on Travel Technology.. Thank You, Dhruvin V. Kamdar
Abhishek Dwivedi
Good Evening Dear Admin,, i would like to ask i.e. how can we assure our tourists to make them comfortable about the kovid19 as winter season is very favourable to this kind of panademic.Have you any kind of better suggestions abt it
The regions Amur, Samara n many more are not very popular in Indian market. Can we get some promotional videos, flyers or any such related things for circulation to our clients ?
Suparna Dasgupta
Good morning, Please share standard leisure packages for Indian FITs. Packages with detailed itineraries and validity to promote further. What's the best time to travel? Kindly mail at WhatsApp number +91 9343369109
Abhishek Dwivedi
Mr. Andrei Very Good Afteroon to you, how to make tourist more comfortable about their safety at Amur region?
Sathi Banerjee
1. Is any special permission required to explore Amur? 2. When is the best time to visit? 3.What are the popular festivals, cuisine or stuff a tourist can enjoy? 4.Is there any age restrictions? 5. Is it totally safe to explore? 6. How many days require to explore it? 7. What are the activities a person can enjoy? 8. If any budgeted client is looking to explore Amur, How much will be the minimum Cost? 9. Are there medical teams in case of any medical emergency?
Abhishek Dwivedi
PRIVET Dear Admin,I hope your alday is going great with your smiles,As webinar showed that Amur region is very suitable for many adventorous activities like rafting,biking,hiking,skying, cycling camping & many more like it but the webinar also showed that the most part of Amur region are located at very remote areas like forests,mountains,rivers. So my humble question abt basic requirements like electricity,transport,internet & suitable vegan & vegetable diets for indian tourists. Provide effective solutions to convince Indian tourists for basic can we make them comfortable abt it?
pl share sample itinerary for FIT N GIT
Vishal Upadhyay
How can I make more visitors aware  of the Tula region or other Russian places in the Indian market?
Sneha Kadam
Hi Andrei, Is Russia open for international clients and is it safe to travel.
Anastasia Cardoz
Hi Andrei, How are you, can you please send us your presentation, and more details so we could promote the same to our clients., Seen Amur is a beautiful place to visit
namaste , what is the travel itenanry that a Fit can plan in your region along with 1 more russian city , total of seven days
Kindly let me know any off beat places in Russia n travel time
Manoj Mehta
INTERNATIONAL ONLINE AND TRAVEL MEDIA GROUP Heavenly Indian’ Promotes International Tourism Online  including  Luxury Cruises  Mice & Wedding Destination, Medical & Ayurveda Wellness spa, Golf Courses, Wine Tourism, Agriculture and Food Tourism Across the World  and we are INVITED Media Partners and Delegates for Promotion of Tourism Worldwide. I am INVITED Hosted Media Partner and Media Delegate for many countries, having a large online presence globally, with 50 Million Hits Websites,, and over 8 Million views on Facebook.
Arvind Pandey
Hi Dear, If possible please share tentative packages for 2021-22 at along with whatsapp number please. regards, Arvind Pandey Lucknow (India)
Saurabh Kumar
Where I can get hindi movie shooting location permission in Russia?
Shibani Ahuja Kapoor
Pls send us your best offers : Shibani Ahuja Kapoor Ph nos : +91 9811004344
Hello Please share the packages with FOC policy.
Yogesh Patil
Здравствуйте Андрей Мы хотим организовать сафари-тур по местным достопримечательностям, у нас есть группа фотографов из города Пуна. Они заинтересован в наблюдении за амурскими тиграми . С уважением Йогеш Патил Excursia Tours Pune
Hai, Which is must-see places in Russia for Small groups and FITs in 7 to 8 days tour. Thanks in advance.
Shibani Ahuja Kapoor
Hi Andrei, we would also like to know about the amur-baikal railway which we have read is much cheaper than trans siberian and very scenic. what route does it cover and approx pricing for the same . what is the best season to do this trip ?

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