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About the destination

The departments responsible for tourist development in the region are the Ministry of Economic Development and Foreign Relations of the Amur Region and Tourist Information Center of the Amur Region presents:

Main tourist cities of the region

Blagoveshchensk is the capital of Amur region and the only administrative center of Russia, situated at the border with China.

Tsiolkovsky is the “cosmic” capital of the region. Near the city lies the “youngest” cosmodrome in the world — “Vostochny” cosmodrome.

Tynda is the capital of Baikal-Amur Mainline and the most northern city of the Amur river region.

In Zeya lies the “firstborn child” of Russian Far East energetics — Zeisk Hydro-electric power station and a museum of gold mining — the only one in the Far East of Russia.

Belogorsk is a major functioning railway station of the longest railroad in the world — Trans-Siberian railway.

Svobodny. The second largest gas processing plant in the world — Amur gas processing plant is being constructed nearby.

Transport availability of the region

Blagoveshchensk Airport administers more than 60 airline companies, performing commercial air transportations and aerial works.

Flight geography: Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Irkutsk, Chita, Ulan-Ude, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

  • Bangkok, Utapao;
  • Phuket (Thailand);
  • Nha Trang (Vietnam);
  • Phu Quoc (Vietnam);
  • Sanya (China);
  • Weihai (China).

The air transportation is being performed by airline companies “Sibir”, “IKAR”, “Ural Airlines”, “Avrora”, “Yakutia”, “IrAero”, “Azur Air”, “Nordwind Airlines”

Trans-Siberian Railway, Baikal-Amur Mainline.

Federal highway “Amur”.

There is no direct air connection between Deli and Blagoveshchensk. Alternatively, you can get there either via Moscow or Beijing (China).

Main tourist options of the destination in spring and summer

Eco tourism. Clean air, amazing landscapes and submerging into a beautiful nature world: all of these is available round the year.

History and culture tourism. There are lots of petroglyphs and other rock arts in the region. Today Amur region is the Russian center of dinosaur studies.

Technological tourism. Amur region gave birth to cosmodrome “Vostochny” and to the Amur gas processing plant — the second largest gas processing plant in the world. Here one can attend one of the three hydroelectricpower station of the region. You can get more details here:

Beach vacation rest. There are three landlocked seas in the region. Each year the snow white “Gold Sands” beaches located at the bank of Zeisk water storage reservoir attract hundreds of tourists from the whole Far East of Russia.

Yoga tours in the worm time of the year one can practice asanas and enjoy virgin nature. Meditating on the mountain pick at the height of 1200 meters the guests will feel the spirit of one of the most picturesque mountain ranges of the region, the spirit of Tukuringr mountain.

August is the time of blossoming of a unique red book plant, Komarov Lotus. The biggest plantations of lotuses in the region are located at the territory of Khingan Nature Reserve.

Main tourist options of the destination during winter season

Event tourism. Only in Blagoveshchensk one can see Russian and Chinese hokeists chasing puck on the ice of a border river.

Ethnographical tourism. Amur river region is inhabited by representatives of native small-numbers peoples of the North — Evens (Tungusic people). Taiga people honor traditions of their ancestors, breed deers and cook national dishes.

Traditional winter hobby, ice fishing. At the same time, travelers can observe an interesting phenomenon — snow fungus, while being at the banks of water storage reservoirs.

Active rest: skidoo driving, dog sleighride, skiing, and snowboarding. More details.

Hotels in the destination

  • Hotel “Gloria Business Hotel”
  • Hotel “Amurasso”
  • Hotel “Mercure Blagoveshchensk”

Tour operator companies

  • ООО “Tour center Amur”
  • ООО “Piligrim Plus”
  • ООО Tourist agency “Russian Far East Phoenix”
  • Travel agency Undiscovered Land

Cafes and restaurants


  • Café “Eurasia”
  • Restaurant “Ivolga”
  • Café “Romano”
  • Restaurant “Kiparis”
  • Gastropub “Traktir”
  • Café “Qingdao”
  • Café “Kambey”
  • Cafe “Luno”
  • Cafe “Russkaya Izba”

Main tourist attractions

Amur region is full of wonders.

However, from Amour region inhabitants` point of view, there are 7 main places of attraction: three manmade monuments and four natural monuments. These are Albazin icon, Albazin ostrog, Burning mountains, Amur history and economy museum, as well as Amur dinosaurs, lotuses and petroglyphs.

More details

Khingan Nature Reserve. The main value of this territory is rare birds: Russian Far East storks, Japanese and Daur cranes.

Nora Nature Reserve. The landscape of the reserve is a swamp area. The main symbol and inhabitant of the reserve is Siberian Roe Deer.

The major part of Zeisk reserve is occupied by the woods: fir trees, birches, alder trees, pine trees, oaks, poplars and willows. One of the most prominent places is Tukuringa mountain.

Exact details about the reserves

“Zeisk” Nature Conservation Center. Here inhabits the most friendly and sociable hog — Boris. The visitors can see Siberian stags, sika deers, and elks.

“Shambhala” is an amazing place where one can forget about the fuss and to face both yourself and the nature. Caves, suspension bridges and a bath with mineral water, a house of a hermit, ecological yurtas. More details


“Amur Region constantly keeps in touch with Indian partners, discussing lots of issues. The region showed its investment potential in many fields. Now we want to attract your attention to one more field, which is very important for us. This field is tourism. We understand the demands of Indian tourists and are ready to offer you Amour exotics, while taking into account your preferences, habits and traditions. Our region is reach in unique nature and unique events. Winter is a time of taiga, beautiful like in fairytales, a time of ice fishing and a time of climbing the mountains. Spring, quite logically is the time to fall in love with Amur region, the name of the region itself implies this. Summer is the time to face yourself, to reboot and to enjoy a virgin nature. Autumn unveils the abilities of rural tourism and science tourism. We hope that our online exhibition will become your first step of a real big journey to our region.”
Kireeva Ekaterina
First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Foreign Relations of the Amur Region


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