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Bogdarnya Agricultural Tourist Complex


John Maxwell Kopiski
Krutovo, Petushinsky district, Vladimir region +7-903-961-58-80

About company

Bogdarnya Agricultural Tourist Complex includes Rozhdestvo livestock breeding complex, Bogdarnya cheese factory and an agro-farm with a hotel and facilities for active leisure in the countryside.

Both farms were created by the investors and owners John and Nina Kopiski. The opportunities for agritourism are provided by the Bogdarnya farm which has almost 10 years of experience in the tourism market. It is located 120 km from Moscow on the right bank of the Klyazma River on the border of the floodplain and forests of the Krutovsky Reserve.

Competitive advantages

  • The main field of the business is the dairy farm and about 4,000 hectares of agricultural land.
  • The production of 50 tons of milk every day at the dairy farm and cheeses at their own cheese dairy allows for sustainable development of tourism. The company receives guests not only from Russia, but also from other countries, even in the current crisis situation.
  • Bogdarnya Agricultural Tourist Complex is based 120 km east of Moscow, in the ecological zone of forests and flood plains among summer cottages and farms on the way to some of the main attractions of the Golden Ring tourist itinerary.
  • The Bogdarnya complex can provide both comfortable accommodation and active and relaxing outdoor activities while letting tourists see the real life of Russian peasants and the traditions of peasant life. This is a modern and positive addition to the historical and cultural tours of the Golden Ring.

Detailed range of services

The company offers comfortable accommodation in a boutique hotel and home cooking meals with the focus on the taste preferences of guests.

The company uses their own dairy products while making cheese, kefir, yogurt, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, cream.

They also bake their own bread.

The company offers tours to the countryside in horse-drawn carriages, horse riding, cycling, catamaran rafting on the Klyazma River, hiking, folk games, training in archery and air rifle shooting, paintball, excursions to the dairy farm and the cheese factory.

Such holidays as agritourism festivals and rural fairs are popular in the Russian tourism field. In the summer, they are held along with exhibitions of livestock breeding in the Vladimir region.

The company is always ready to fulfill the individual requests of the guests.

Company motto: “Our home is your home.”


“It gives me great pleasure to have been given the opportunity to again participate in Russian Expo Days, and this year in particular to our Indian ciolleagues from the tourist industry. I believe, very strongly that the Indian and Russian cultures are strongly linked by many values. Consequently we believe that tourism for our Indian guests, must be more

than simply looking at traditional sites, but more of a cultural exchange.”

John Maxwell Kopiski


Bogdarnya Agricultural Tourist Complex
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