Krasnaya Polyana Resort

About the company

There are chain-branded hotels in the resort infrastructure.

Hotels — premium apartments and 9 5 star hotels — Mövenpick, Marriott, Rixos, Novotel Resort, 4 star hotels — Novotel Congress, ibis Styles, Courtyard by Marriott, Valley 960, Gorki Panorama.

Restaurants and cafes — more than 40 restaurants, 20 cuisines: chef cuisine, European, Caucasus, Georgian, Kuban, Black Sea, Meditarranean, Japanese, Italian, Bavarian, Irish ,American, Asian, Pan-Asian, Oriental, Turkish, Uzbek.

Wellness — Mountain baths “4 Elements”, aquapark Mountain Beach and spa complexes in the best resort hotels: a spa-complex in Mövenpick 5*, Soul SPA in Marriott 5*, Rixos Royal SPA in Rixos 5*, spa-centre in Novotel Resort 5*, Finnish sauna in Courtyard by Marriott, SPA Panorama in Gorky Panorama 4*.

Entertainment all year round — an observation deck panorama 360, a breathtaking attraction park Gorky Fly: zip line, swing, a suspension bridge and via ferrata.

Plus a balloon, a husky centre, the park "Seasons",a skate-park,a football-basketball playground, Wonder Land park, children’s play centres, playgrounds, an aqua-park, Friends’ Museum," Krasnaya Polyana" playground, art shops, a quest room, a personal shooting range, a panic room, VR arena, an exhibition of robots, a cinema, a shopping mall, a bowling centre, a billiard&golf club.

Entertainment in summer — 40 km of eco hiking trails, waterfalls, a camping, via ferrata, a bike park, a mountain bike school, a skateboards and rollers’ school, a rope park, excursions on quad bikes, electric bike tours, summer tubing, a private sea beach.

Entertainment in winter- 30 km of different levels ski slopes, instructor service, modern rental points, ski-service, snow-parks, evening skiing, a children’s ski club, a free-ride centre, a free-style school, a race zone, adaptive tourism, winter tubing, husky sledding.

The region’s transport accessibility

The resort is as far as 40 km from the Sochi international airport and the Black Sea.

The main tourist activities during the warm season

Adventure Bureau

With the help of experienced mountain guides you can go along spectacular eco hiking trails, in rental points you can also take some tourist equipment for your hike without an instructor and also get acquainted with the map of coastal routes. The adventure bureau will help all the guests plan their own entertainment program at the resort.

Husky centre

The most friendly northern dogs are waiting for you in the husky centre. You may pet them, hug them and take pictures with them. They are so friendly and affectionate. You can also taste some wild animals meat which is the northerners’ staple diet.


It’s a unique possibility to fly in a balloon 50 meters high in the sky and watch inspiring landscapes with your head in the clouds. You will have a chance to see mountain tops of the Main Caucasian Ridge and of Aibga Ridge, mountain river valleys of the Mzitma and Laura, mountain tops of Achishkho, Chugush and Pseachsho. A certified pilot accompanying you in the balloon basket will show how a hot air balloon functions.

Archery shooting range

A professional instructor wearing the Ancient Russia archer costume will teach both adults and children the art of archery and tell you what feathers are used for an arrow.


It’s a popular entertainment for all the family members both in a snowy winter and in a hot summer! Downhill on inflatable “vatrushkas” along a winding track is an excellent alternative to a quiet rest in the mountains. There is a luggage storage room.

The main tourist activities in a cold season

Krasnaya Polyana Après Ski

The time of bright Après Ski starts in winter as it usually is at the best Alpine resorts.

The resort guests start enjoying the atmosphere of a party when they are sliding down. Every day the best DJ-sets, dances and trendy dishes help create the atmosphere of the tradition. Several times during a season we hold musical weekends with the participation of popular DJs.

Alpine skiing: ski slopes, free-ride zones, snow parks, evening skiing, Après Ski

Alpine skiing

Thanks to the unique climate of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort it has the longest period for skiing, that is from December till June. The total length of ski slopes is over 30 km and they start at the altitude of 2,300 m and go downhill to Polyana 960.

Snow blowers are used below 1,500 m above the sea level.

In natural conditions there is snow in mountain circuses at the altitude of 2,000 m even at the beginning of summer.

Freeride zones

There are 6 official freeride tracks at the resort which are located within the territory of the Sochi national park. These tracks are under a strict control of the resort service: the tracks are closed when there is a danger of an avalanche.

As for the information about possible avalanches there is a special stand where one can learn all about the situation.

You can have a certified instructor who will teach you skiing away from the slopes or to take avalanche equipment.

You also have an opportunity to learn how to use a beeper in case of an avalanche.


Experienced riders as well as beginners can ride in the resort snow parks. They have different lines with the elements of street and snow multifigures such as springboards, railings, spines and pyramids. Snowboarding is free for all guests who have a ski pass except for the time of some public events.

Polyana 960 snow park is open during the days of evening skiing, too. You may learn snowboarding in the resort free-style school.

Snow park in the mountain circus at the altitude of 2,050 m

Both experienced riders and beginners can ride in this snow park. At present there are different lines for different levels.

Constructions for jibbing — constructions made from metal tubes — Typographer, rails and boxes.

Funk part in the Eastern sector

Funk park in the eastern sector is located at the altitude of 900 m above the sea level and has various constructions for tricks.

Drag lift 2,200 Circus-2 Slope

On the slope of the Polyana 2,200 a new zone for beginners will start to function. A drag lift will help you to acquire the skills of skiing and snowboarding.

Evening skiing

Within the range of 1,460 m and Polyana 950

This is one of the largest evening skiing zones in Krasnaya Polyana. The total length of slopes is 5,000 m. You can enjoy an illuminated view of the slope which is much more picturesque in the evening than during the day. Rental points, instructor service, restaurants are working on the slopes during the evening.

Children’s Alpine skiing club

The age of the children who want to learn skiing ranges from 3 to 12.

Free style school

Those who are bored with just skiing downhill have an opportunity to try jibbing, big air or slope style. Professional coaches will help you.

Race school

The school instructors will teach experienced skiers to go downhill using the technique of slalom and carving.

A separate base

5 star Coutyard Marriott Krasnaya Polyana

The hotel is situated in the very centre of Krasnaya Polyana — just a few steps from the drag lift. There are two buildings each has 200 rooms.

5 star Sochi Marriott Krasnaya Polyana

It ia a premium class hotel, the best ski hotel in Russia according to the World Luxury Hotel Awards. It is situated in Polyana 540 and is connected with the gambling hall “Sochi Casino”.

4 star Valley 960

This boutique hotel is situated in Polyana 960. There are 48 spacious rooms in it. You will inevitably feel the atmosphere of privacy in this hotel.

4 star Gorky Panorama

This family hotel has 302 rooms including suites and connect rooms. It is located in Krasnaya Polyana Resort. It is not so quiet as the previous one.

4 star Ibis Styles Krasnaya Polyana

This hotel has a retro-futuristic interior. There are 78 spacious rooms in it with the smart home system. It is eco friendly and meets the expectations of the admirers of the Ibis chain.

4 star Novotel Krasnaya Polyana

Thanks to its infrastructure the hotel can host both individual tourists and groups, too. And also to hold conferences and other major events.

5 star Movenpick Krasnaya Polyana

This is a premium class hotel of Switzerland chain. It has its own philosophy of making impressions: ranging from welcoming cocktails to everyday free chocolate.

5 star Rixos Krasnaya Polyana

This hotel has a record number of international awards and prizes World Luxury Hotel Awards, World Ski Awards, World Spa Awards. There are 114 premium class rooms in it including suites and apartments, a two-level spa complex with an indoor royal pool.

Restaurants and cafes

The resort guests can taste any of the 20 various cuisines presented in more than 50 restaurants, cafes and bars of Krasnaya Pokyana.

You can taste dishes of the local cuisine in the restaurant “Chestnut”, have dinner enjoying the view of the Caucasian ridge in the best panoramic restaurant — The Grill.

Visiting the chef cuisine restaurant “Brunello” and the restaurant The Top in Polyana 2200 is a must.

Restaurant “Brunello”

Live seafood is delivered from Japan and Far East and are kept in a fish tank of the restaurant. You can try various delicacies — black and white truffles, crabs, scallops, oysters, black and red caviar.

Harat’s Irish Pub, Polyana 540

This is the biggest Irish pubs chain in the world. Here you can taste more than 16 sort of beer and also there is a wide range of whisky, the original Irish dishes. There are interactive games, kicker and darts.

The night club-karaoke ALL IN, Polyana 540

Every evening here is unforgettable. You will surely enjoy DJ sets, an interesting program and exquisite drinks.

Karaoke-club Verona, Polyana 540

The atmosphere in this club is really hospitable. You will enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains, dancing fountains and singing barmen. You can also taste the best dishes of the European and Italian cuisine. The club offers its guests gastronomic tastings and a hookah.

The main attractions to be visited

Amusement park Gorky Fly

The main entertainment area of the resort in Polyana 2200 is the highest in Russia amusement park. There is the longest in Russia megazipline of 1027 m long. There is a team of professional photographers in the park who can not only take photos but also make a video using a quadcopter or with the help of GoPro.

Park “The Seasons”

The park is located on the embankment of the Mzymta river. It is an ideal place for having a rest, for sport and games in the open. There is a workout zone in the park and also outdoor fitness equipment as well as a ministadium for playing football and basketball.

The panoramic platform 360 Polyana 2200

At the altitude of 2200 m there is the main unique panoramic platform 360.

From this platform high up in the sky you can admire panoramic views of the Caucasian mountains, mountain villages, the Mzymta valley.

Wellnes & SPA

One of the largest spa centers of 2000 sq. meters. Being in this luxury complex you can swim in the outdoor pool of 760 sq. meters, in the indoor pool 25 m long with a Jacuzzi and a separate zone for kids and a gym.

On the territory of Soul SPA there is a spacious and comfortable thermal zone with a Finnish sauna, Turkish hamam, an icy font and a relaxation zone. Here there is also a vitamin bar, 10 massage parlors and a beauty saloon.

Rixos Royal SPA Polyana 960

A two-level spa complex of the 5 star Rixos hotel has all the facilities for relaxation and emerging into the atmosphere of luxury. Its spa center is a multiple winner of international prizes in the spa industry. The guests of the hotel are welcome to swim in the indoor pool with hydro massage, to visit a Finnish sauna and a Russian bath, a steam room and a Turkish hamam, a Jacuzzi with an icy cold font, a vitamin bar, massage parlors and a gym. A special offer of the spa center is an exclusive VIP suite.

Mountain baths 4 ELEMENTS Polyana 960

In this new complex the guests of the resort emerge into the 4 nature elements: the element of fire — A Russian steam room, earth — steam wattle house, air — an Alpine bath, water — A Turkish hamam.

This new spa center was created for serene relaxation and harmony with nature. The guests can sunbathe on the terrace, swim in the outdoor pool, use eucalyptus brooms in the steam room. In the mountain baths you are offered craft cosmetics.

Medical & SPA Polyana 960

Modern diagnostic equipment makes it possible to take into account individual characteristics of every guest which helps the doctors in solving health problems.


  • Diagnostics
  • Cosmetology
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Preventive treatment programs
  • Rehabilitation in the mountains in the Rixos Krasnaya Polyana Sochi 5*

One day programs

The aim of the programs is to recover the body to the norm, to replenish life energy. Every program is supposed to have diagnostics and doctor’s consultation.

Water in the mountains

Mountain Beach Polyana 540 Aquapark

The aqua park of 7,000 sq.m is located in the shopping and entertainment center Gorky Mall. There are water slides, pools with chaise-longues in the park. Guests can play beach volleyball and badminton. For those who prefer relaxation there is a Jacuzzi with sea salt, Finnish sauna, solarium, salt room and spa treatment.

Night life

Polyana 540 lives a very active life both during the daytime and at night. Along the winding street there are music bars, karaoke restaurants, a night club and a gambling zone of the “Casino Sochi” which is open 24/7.

Casino Sochi, Polyana 540

“Casino Sochi”, one of the best entertainment centers on Russia, is a kind of calling card of Krasnaya Polyana gambling zone. Excitement, luxury and entertainment are here, on 33,000 sq.m, and every day they impress even the most demanding guests. Here you can visit chef restaurants.

Bonus Slot, Polyana 540

The slot machines hall is just a few steps from the main entertainment zone of the resort — “Casino Sochi”. There are 175 slot machines and 12 automatic roulettes.


In the center of Polyana 540 there is the biggest mountain shopping center Gorky Mall which has more than 35 clothing brands ranging from Tom Farr to Black Star Wear.

Specially for those who prefer luxury there is an exclusive gallery of boutiques in Marriott hotel where one can find famous watch jewelry brands. In the street fair you can buy farm cheese and sweet-stuff and very interesting things made by local designers.

Shopping and entertainment center Gorky Mall, Polyana 540

There are more than 35 clothing brands in Gorky Mall. There is also a food court, coffee houses, children’s entertainment center, an indoor aqua park Mountain Beach, a multiplex cinema,a bowling, a VR arena, a territory of cyber sport and an exhibition of robots.

Local Market, Polyana 540

Not far from the Gorky Mall there is a street fair where you can buy handmade goods of local craftsmen. You can buy here sweet-stuff, leather and ceramic goods, designer apparel and toys. Several times a year the Polyana Local Market festival takes place in the park.

Street retail

Walking along the central alley one can buy clothes, shoes, sport and tourist equipment. You can see here both the shops of large retail chains and boutiques that were opened by those who like mountain tourism and active lifestyle.

Exclusive gallery of brand boutiques, Polyana 540

In the Marriott 5* hotel there is a multi brand gallery of luxury boutiques. Here you can see a new collection of Omega Swiss watch, Bvlgary jewery, luxury goods of S’LOVER Collection made from python and crocodile skin.

The company slogan is: “Krasnaya Polyana Resort is an entertainment mountain resort!”


“We create the main mountain Russian resort with care for everyone, giving unique emotions and impressions. World hotel brands, modern industry technologies, entertainment and quality service — the key to sustainable development.

Holidays in the mountains — it’s a delightful landscapes, mighty relict forests, unique mountain ranges and rocks, plain canvases, strewn with bright inflorescences. That’s means that guests, while relaxing in the mountains, receive not only a rejuvenation, but also an aesthetic pleasure.

The resorts offer 9 hotels of world well known brands, guests cozy restaurants, nightclubs.

We are welcome guests from INDIA all year round!”

Olga Filipenkova
Head of strategic development Krasnaya Polyana Resort

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Leading Manager of Tour & Travel, Krasnaya Polyana Resort
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