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About region

The Tourism department of the Ministry of Culture of the Samara region presents:

Main tourist cities of the region


A city of labour and military glory, an alternative capital at the times of WWII, a space center and an open-air architectural museum.

Modern Samara is one of the largest cities in the country, the history of which is inextricably linked with the history of the Russian state, and the past is closely intertwined with its present.

It is the 9th largest city in Russia: its population is 1.157 million people. Samara will turn 434 years old in 2020.


A young city with a resonant, exotic for the Russian ear name has a rich and unusual history. Today Togliatti is the largest of the Russian cities apart from regional centres. Its character was defined by the grand construction projects of the past and the unchanging beauty and charm of the nearby Samara bend.

Togliatti turns 283 in 2020. The population of the city is 702.7 thousand people.


The third largest city and one of the oldest settlements in the Samara region. Archaeological excavations show that people had already lived here 3.5 thousand years BC. Due to its favorable location and climate, Syzran has always played an important role for the country — first in the military activities, and later in the trade activities.

There are 6 specially protected natural areas classified as state natural monuments of local importance.

Syzran will be 337 years old in 2020.

Samara bend

The phenomenon of Samara bend is known all over the world. It is here that the Volga, contrary to the laws of physics, smoothly bends around the Zhiguli mountains and forms a water ring with the Usa River, within which there is the Samara bend and the Zhiguli Nature Reserve named after I.I. Sprygin. Due to the unique flora and fauna, this place is called Middle Volga Integrated Biosphere Reserve.

Transport in the region

The Samara region occupies a favorable economic and geographical position at the intersection of the most important international transportation corridors “North-South” and “West-East”. Distance from Moscow is 1,054 km.

Kurumoch international airport

One of the largest regional airports in the European part of Russia in terms of passenger traffic. Regular domestic and international flights are carried out. In June 2017, as a result of the Skytrax study, the airport received a high rating of 4 stars. The airport receives up to 35 flights from Moscow daily.

Regular flights:

New Delhi — Moscow (6h 15 min) direct.

(2 Aeroflot flights daily), around 24,000 rupees.

Charter flights:

Delhi — Moscow (12 hours 20 minutes) with a transfer, around 31,000 rupees.

Mumbai — Moscow (13h 25 min) with transfers, around 34,302 rupees.

Kolkata — Moscow (12h 50 min) with transfers, around 49,603 rupees.

Moscow — Samara (1 hour 40 minutes), around 2,985 rupees.

More than 12 flights daily

Railway station

Guests of Samara, arriving by train, are welcomed in one of the main attractions of the city — the highest railway station in Europe, 101 meters high with a spire. The station is located in the historic center of the city, so all the iconic landmarks are within walking distance. From the observation deck, located inside the dome of the building at a height of 95 meters, tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of the old city and picturesque surroundings.


Highways connect Samara with the center of Russia and the Urals via the M5 federal highway (Moscow — Chelyabinsk), which passes through the territory of the Samara region. It is also part of the Paris-Beijing international transport corridor. There are highways connecting the Samara region with Kazakhstan, Northern Europe and the Far East direction.

Cruises and water routes

The main waterway of the European part of Russia — the Volga River — runs through the region, which ensures the development of river transport there. There is access to the Unified Deep Water System of European Russia, access to the Caspian, Black and Baltic Seas. River ports in Samara and Togliatti are fully functioning.

The main tourist possibilities of the region


The Samara region occupies one of the leading positions in the Volga Federal District in terms of the development of ecological tourism. The most promising area is the Middle Volga Integrated Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO. Samarskaya Luka National Park and Zhiguli Nature Reserve named after I.I. Sprygin attract more than 300 thousand tourists annually. Samarskaya Luka National Park is one of the most visited parks in Russia.

Cultural tourism

It is no coincidence that Samara is called a city-museum. This ancient merchant city with a rich past is home to many memorable locations and historical monuments, a lot of which are located in the open air.

Samara can boast of a wide variety of architectural styles and trends. The streets of the city are decorated with Art Nouveau and Classicism masterpieces, examples of wooden architecture and modern architectural designs. In Togliatti, you can see many cultural monuments that have become a vivid reflection of the history of the country and its industry.


During the navigation season, Samara motor ships take more than 45,000 tourists on board, and Samara tour operators work with over 50,000 guests, arriving in the region by the Volga river. Samara ranks third in the Russian Federation after Moscow and St. Petersburg in terms of the number of cruise ships during the navigation period and can rightfully be considered the cruise center of the Volga region.

Each itinerary is unique and has its own mood and list of historical sights on the way. The choice of motor ships for cruises is also diverse.

Samara is the host city of the 2018 World Cup

The key event in the field of tourism and hospitality of the Samara region in 2018 was the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, which revealed the tourism potential of the province.

A tourist cluster has been formed. It focused on the development of cultural, educational, cruise, beach and event tourism, uniting the new Samara Arena stadium, museums, cultural heritage sites, the embankment and beach areas, an observation deck, pedestrian streets, parks and squares, tourist information centers and high quality hotels.

The main tourist opportunities of the destination during the cold season

Active leisure

Active tourism is widely represented in the Samara region and includes:

  • dog-sledding;
  • the opportunity to go on an expedition for a few days, see the picturesque nature of the Samarskaya Luka Park, a winter forest, get a lot of positive emotions from communicating with dogs;
  • ATV routes through the winter forest;
  • snowmobile routes;
  • snowkiting in the water area of the Kuibyshev Reservoir;
  • ski marathons;
  • ski resorts and snow-covered trails;
  • sightseeing tours by bus or along the snow-covered Volga on a hovercraft.


The Samara region offers plenty of events such as:

  • Christmas Maneuvers Festival
  • Race of Champions: car race on a challenging icy track
  • SNOW DOGS international winter convention
  • Plasticine Rain: Winter Street Art Festival

Hotels and accommodation

More than 390 accommodation options.

Most of the hotels within the city are located in the historical parts of Samara. Many of them tower on the banks of the Volga River, offering picturesque views from the windows. For those who prefer countryside accommodation within the Samara region, there are a lot of hotel complexes and hotel parks.

Hotels of famous world chains are represented in the city:

  • Renaissance Samara Hotel 4*

The Renaissance Samara luxury hotel is located in the city center overlooking the river. Guests will appreciate the impressive interiors and facilities, including a restaurant and indoor pool.

1 night, 2 adults, around 3,768 rupees.

162 Novo-Sadovaya st., building B, Samara, Russia

  • “Holiday Inn Samara” 4*

— a hotel in the historical center of the city, five minutes away from the Volga River embankment. The Holiday Inn Hotel was opened in September 2007 and today it is one of the most modern and comfortable hotels in Samara.

1 night, 2 adults, around 3,420 rupees.

99 Alexey Tolstoy Street, Samara, Russia

  • Hampton by Hilton Samara 3*

Located in the cultural and historical center of the city next to the railway station.

1 night, 2 adults, around 3,420 rupees (breakfast included)

131 Lev Tolstoy Street, Samara, Russia

  • Ibis Samara 3*

It is located on one of the main streets of the city in the business district, only 1.8 km from the Volga and the city beach, the road to which runs through the green park named after Gorky. One and a half kilometers from the hotel, next to the Samara University, there is a botanical garden. There are many shopping and entertainment centers nearby, the Samara Zoo and the picturesque church of St. Tatiana are just 20 minutes away.

1 night, 2 adults, around 2,300 rupees.

160D Novo-Sadovaya Street, Samara, Russia

Tour operators

DIA Travel LLC
445163, Samara region, Stavropol district, Zhiguli, 6A Tsentralnaya street

Sputnik-Germes LLC
443041, Samara, 166 Leninskaya street

Centre of Travel Programs “Piligrim” LLC
445035, Samara region, Togliatti, 132 Mira street

Profcentre-Samara LLC
443052, Samara, 77B Kirova street

Samintour LLC
443020, Samara, 51-53 Samarskaya street, room 26

Skazka Stranstviy LLC
443112, Samara region, Samara, 2-30 Simferopolskaya street

Autonomous non-profit organization for cultural and spiritual development “Y-RA”
443010, Samara region, Samara, 145 — 1A Frunze street

Avitex Plus LLC
443086, Samara, 126 Michurina street, floor 1, office. 7.1

443080, Samara, 70 Revolutsionnaya, office 24

Bestseller LLC
443030, Samara, 2 Kollektivny street, office 1

443010, Samara, 127 Frunze, apt. 6

Cafes and restaurants


Samara, 30 Dybenko street

Samara, 2/1 Dachnaya street

200 руб — 2,000 rupees

Italian and European cuisine, pizza

Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten Free menu


Samara, 90 Kommunisticheskaya street

300 — 3,000 rupees

Mediterranean, European cuisine.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten Free menu


Samara, 30 Dybenko street

Samara, 2/1 Dachnaya street

100 руб — 3,000 rupees

American, European, Central European cuisine.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten Free menu


Samara, 30 Dybenko street (Shopping centre “Kosmoport”)

Samara, 2 Dachnaya street

300 — 3,000 rupees

Mediterranean, Eastern European, Danish, Georgian cuisine.

Suitable for Vegetarians

Tri Olenya (Three deer)

Samara, 2V Moskovskoe shosse street

Russian, European, Georgian cuisine, grill

Suitable for Vegetarians


Samara, 40 Leningradskaya street

300 — 1,200 rupees

European, Russian, Central European cuisine, soups

Suitable for Vegetarians

Benjamin Cozy Cafe

Samara, 103 Kuybysheva street

39 — 1,200 rupees

American, European, Central American cuisine.

Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans


Samara, 2/1 Dachnaya street

800 — 2,000 rupees

American, European cuisine, Bar, Cafe, Grill

Suitable for Vegetarians

Blinnaya Pechka

Samara, 61 Leningradskaya

Indian cuisine, fast food, cafe

Suitable for Vegetarians

Main tourist attractions of the region

Samarskaya Luka National Park

The phenomenon of Samarskaya Luka (Samara bend) is known all over the world. Everything here is amazing, starting from its location. It is here that the Volga, contrary to the laws of physics, smoothly bends around the Zhiguli mountains and forms a water ring with the Usa river, inside which there are Samara bend and the Zhiguli Nature Reserve named after I.I. Sprygin. Due to the unique flora and fauna, this place is called the Middle Volga Biosphere Reserve. Every inch of this land is permeated with history and the incredible atmosphere of the original Volga nature.

Mount Strelnaya

Strelnaya is one of the highest peaks in the Zhiguli mountains: 375 meters above sea level. A long time ago, it served as an observation point for “free people”, that is, runaway serves, which is not surprising, as a stunning panorama of the Volga bank opens from it. Legends say that from here they looked over the Volga for forty miles, giving news of the approach of rich merchant caravans with fires.

Stalin’s bunker

This is the deepest underground structure of the Second World War time. Its depth is 37 meters, which is the height of a 12-floor building! For comparison, Hitler’s Berlin bunker’s depth was equal to a height of 5 floors (16 meters); Churchill and Roosevelt had shelters only two floors high.

Zhiguli brewery

The monument of industrial architecture of the XIX century, Zhiguli brewery is still working and is well respected. It was opened in 1881 by the famous Austrian nobleman, merchant, philanthropist and brewer Alfred Philippovich von Vakano.

Cosmic Samara

On April 12, 2007, in the year of the 45th anniversary of the Samara space engineering industry, a Soyuz carrier rocket monument in the Samara Space Museum and Exhibition Center was opened. The unique feature of the design is that the building itself became the pedestal of the monument. In total, the height of the rocket monument is 55 meters, and the weight is 20 tons. This is the only fully assembled, vertically installed carrier rocket in Europe!


“Dear Colleagues! The Samara region is a land with rich history, stunningly beautiful nature and unique tourist attractions.

The Samarskaya Luka National Park and one of the oldest nature reserves, the Zhiguli State Nature Biosphere Reserve named after I.I. Sprygin, two protected natural zones with a rich natural, cultural and historical heritage, and more than 200 other natural landmarks attract tourists’ attention

Those who prefer leisurely beach holidays will find numerous countryside complexes with sandy beaches located on the beautiful Volga banks, business tourists will be welcome in modern hotels of the region, Russian culture fans may visit unique holidays that are annually organized in the Samara region — in short, a large number of tourist facilities are fully functioning. We invite you on an exciting journey across the Samara region! We are always glad to see you on our land!”

Arthur Abdrashitov
Deputy minister — Head of the tourism department


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