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Main tourist cities of the region

The Vladimir region, as a subject of the Russian Federation, is part of the Central Federal District.

It has an advantageous position on the map of Russia, adjacent to Moscow (in the west and south-west), Nizhny Novgorod (in the east), Yaroslavl, Ivanovo (in the north) and Ryazan (in the south) regions.

Thus, the region attracts both tourists and investors.

Today the Vladimir region is a relatively small Russian region (total area of 29 thousand sq. km) with three large cities:

Vladimir (344 thousand people.);

Kovrov (148 thousand people);

Murom (118 thousand people).

There are many industrial objects here, which are mainly represented by mechanical engineering and concentrated in Vladimir, Kovrov, Murom. There is also a glass factory in Gus-Khrustalny.

Although the Vladimir region is adjacent to Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, the influence of these big cities is hardly noticeable here: dacha (countryside houses) villages stretch only along the M7 highway and end after Vladimir.

What follows is an authentic and at the same time easily accessible Russian “province”. The most tourist places there are the cities of the Golden Ring and especially Suzdal. It is, perhaps, the most well-known and visited small town in Russia.

In 1992 eight outstanding white-stone monuments of Vladimir-Suzdal architecture of the XII-XIII centuries, which have survived to this day, were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List:

  • Golden Gate;
  • Assumption Cathedral and Cathedral of Saint Demetrius in Vladimir;
  • Church of the Intercession on the Nerl;
  • part of the staircase tower and the gallery of the former palace of Andrey Bogolyubsky in Bogolyubov-town;
  • Church of Boris and Gleb in Kideksha;;
  • Cathedral of the Nativity and Monastery of Saint Euthymius in Suzdal.

Tourism, a rapidly developing sector of the economy of the Vladimir region constitutes 7% in the region’s GRP. The region entered the five most visited tourist regions of Russia: in 2016 the tourist flow increased by 21% compared to the previous year and amounted to almost 4 million people.

Vladimir is a diverse city. Situated on the high bank of the Klyazma river, it welcomes travelers with several ancient Russian monuments recognized by UNESCO. Having visited those, tourists usually go to Bogolyubovo or Suzdal. However, for the most curious tourists Vladimir can open up from a completely different side: a wooden city of the 19th century with narrow streets and old parish churches, including the Knyaginin Monastery with a cathedral and frescoes of the 16th-17th centuries.

Hotels in Vladimir

Suzdal is known far beyond the Vladimir region.

In Soviet times, it was almost the only city in Russia that was completely dependent on tourism, and since then the number of tourist services provided there has only increased.

Suzdal is famous for dozens of churches and monasteries, some of them are unique: for example, the pre-Mongol Cathedral of the Nativity or Suzdal-style churches. There is a museum of wooden architecture in Suzdal, and a few kilometers away from the city, in Kideksha, there is another pre-Mongol church, the Church of Boris and Gleb.

Yuryev-Polsky is a classic example of provincial wilderness just 180 km from Moscow.

The city got only one old Russian temple, but it is extremely unusual: back in the 15th century, it collapsed and was rebuilt from the available material, as a result of which it lost half its height and acquired mysterious decorations. There is also the younger Monastery of the Archangel Michael of the 17th century. Yuryev-Polsky still has the atmosphere of the 19th century provincial town, which is why it was chosen as a set of the film “The Golden Calf”.

  • Aleksandrov is the famous settlement of the Ivan the Terrible tsar, the historical center of his guards with architectural monuments of the 16th-17th centuries.
  • Vyazniki is an old merchant town with magnificent panoramas of the Klyazma river.
  • Gorokhovets is a merchant town where tourists can still see the whole architectural ensemble of the late 17th — early 18th centuries, only slightly changed by more modern buildings.
  • Gus-Khrustalny is the center of crystal production.
  • Bogolyubovo is an ancient village with a large monastery and a magnificent Church of the Intercession on the Nerl.
  • Kideksha is a small village with the Church of Boris and Gleb (year of 1152), one of the oldest monuments of pre-Mongol architecture.
  • Kovrov is a city of military glory; in the historical part of the city, the typical architecture of a county town of the 19th century is perfectly preserved.
  • Klyazminsky Gorodok is a village on the site of the ancient city of Starodub-on-Klyazma.
  • Meshchyora National Park is a reserved forest area on the border of the Moscow, Vladimir and Ryazan regions.
  • Muromtsevo is a Gothic-style estate.
  • Mstyora is the center of traditional folk arts and crafts.


  • Aleksandrov Sloboda is a monastery complex of the 16th — 17th centuries, which was founded as the capital for Ivan the Terrible’s guards.
  • The architecture of the old merchant cities in Gorokhovets and Vyazniki. In addition to stone buildings, there are Art Nouveau wooden buildings.
  • Museum of Wooden Architecture in Suzdal.
  • The Crystal Museum in Gus-Khrustalny has an impressive collection of local products on display in the former city cathedral.
  • Monuments of ancient Russian architecture are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and are found in different forms — from the cathedrals of Vladimir to the “awkward” temple in Yuryev-Polsky, the village church in Kideksha and the magnificent Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, built in an open field near Bogolyubovo.
  • Panoramic views of the Klyazma river: despite the flat nature of the terrain, they are no less impressive than the ancient Russian architecture. The best viewing platforms are situated in Vladimir, Vyazniki and Gorokhovets.
  • Medieval monasteries and churches can be found in most of the old towns. The best ensembles have survived in Suzdal, Murom and Gorokhovets.

Transport accessibility of the region

The Vladimir region has a developed transport infrastructure, which contributes to the foreign relations development.

An extensive network of railways on the territory of the region connects Vladimir with Moscow and other regions: Moscow-Vladimir-Nizhniy Novgorod, Moscow-Aleksandrov-Yaroslavl, Moscow-Murom-Kazan-Ekaterinburg.

By plane

There are no operating airports in the Vladimir region. The nearest international airports are located in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. There is a small regional airport in Ivanovo.

By train

Trains from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod pass through Vladimir. Trains from Moscow to Kazan usually stop in Murom and at the Vekovka station near Gus-Khrustalny. Finally, some trains from Moscow to the northern regions stop at Aleksandrov.

By bus

There are interregional routes from Vladimir to Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Yaroslavl and Ryazan. Direct buses can take your tourists to St. Petersburg, Togliatti and some other remote cities two or three times a week.

By car

There are plenty of highways. The main route from the Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod regions is the M7 highway.

Main tourist possibilities in the region

Ski resort in Gorokhovets.

The region has only one, but a very popular resort — Puzhalova Mountain, located in the town of Gorokhovets. The resort has 16 slopes of all levels of difficulty (including 4 “green” and 1 “black”). Their total length is about 4,000 meters, and the maximum length of one of them is 550 meters. The elevation is up to 75 meters.

There are training mountain ski trails, tubing, snowmobiling, sledging, biathlon, cross-country skiing (5 km), a snowboard park with jumps and jibbing figures, night lighting and musical accompaniment on the trails. Guests can be accommodated on the territory of the resort in the Aquarius Hotel 4*.


  • The Golden Ring itinerary unites the towns and villages of the region.
  • Old Russian heritage of the Vladimir region: the circular route Vladimir — Suzdal — Yuryev-Polsky for 3-4 days.
  • Along the Vladimir road: you can travel from Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod in just four hours, but it is much more interesting to make some stops on the way.
  • Cruises along the Klyazma river are especially popular in the west of the region, above Vladimir, where the river flows near the railway. From the point of view of long-term cruises, the Klyazma is not particularly interesting, but it is good for weekend trips. You can also cruise smaller rivers — the Nerl, Gus, Sudogda rivers.

Accommodation options

Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel Complex 4*

The hotel consists of several 19th century buildings, traditional Russian log cabins and a modern annex building. It offers modern spa and leisure facilities, rooms with panoramic views of the Kamenka River and the Suzdal Kremlin. The hotel serves dishes of international cuisine. The hotel’s spa includes a hammam and beauty salon. Facilities include a games room with a billiards table and a children’s playground.

Main Tourist Complex “Suzdal” 4*

The main tourist complex “Suzdal” is located in the picturesque valley of the Kamenka River, 250 km from Moscow. It features a spa and wellness center. There are several restaurants, cafes and bars in the hotel, decorated in a modern Russian style, serving a variety of traditional Russian cuisine.

The historic Monastery of Saint Euthymius and the M7 highway are a short drive away.

Dobrograd Park Hotel 4*

It is located in the village of Velikovo. There is a private beach area. Some houses, rooms and apartments have a dining area or terrace, while some have a kitchen with a dishwasher. A minibar and kettle are also provided. Bathrobes are provided in private bathrooms.

Guests of the Dobrograd Park Hotel can visit the wellness center with a sauna complex and massage rooms. The hotel has a restaurant, fitness center and beauty salon.

Tourists can play tennis at the hotel. The area is popular for skiing, and guests can go cycling or hiking.

‎Art Hotel Nikolaevsky Posad 4*

The art hotel features a sauna, indoor pool, fully equipped fitness center and gourmet restaurant. Wi-Fi is free for guests.

The luxurious rooms are elegantly furnished. Each of them has air conditioning, TV and minibar.

The hotel’s restaurant specializes in Russian dishes. The wine cellar offers a wide range of drinks.

Upon request, the staff can organize sightseeing excursions to Suzdal, including to neighboring monasteries and architectural monuments.

Tour operators

  • VladTransTour
  • Travel company “Golden Rus”
  • VladTourCentre
  • Zolotye Kupola
  • VladimirTour
  • Voyage

Restaurants and cafes

In the Vladimir region, the Suzdal mead is popular with tourists — it is a sweet low-alcohol honey drink.

This drink is brewed everywhere here: the brands Starodub and Maltsov are especially good. Spirits are produced by factories in Vladimir and Aleksandrov.

There are many cafes and restaurants, and their level in general corresponds with potential demand: an excellent choice and culinary delicacies in Vladimir and Suzdal, there are worthy restaurants in Aleksandrov, Murom and Gorokhovets.

The Vladimir Region became the first region of the Golden Ring to be officially certified by the Gastronomic Map of Russia.

In Suzdal, nine restaurants and enterprises of the Vladimir region were awarded certificates of compliance with the voluntary certification system in the field of gastronomic tourism “Gastronomic Map of Russia”.

Among them are:

  • factory “Pokrov gingerbread”, Petushinsky district — more than 200 types of gingerbread, specialty gingerbread with boiled condensed milk filling;
  • Bogdarnya Agricultural Touristic Complex, Petushinsky district — production of cheeses and dairy products, meat delicacies and bread;
  • Okolitsa Inn in the Russian Village hotel and restaurant complex, Vladimir — pickles, pastries, bread, oven cuisine menu — porridge, cabbage soup, fish soup;
  • Uley and Lepota restaurants in the Pushkarskaya Sloboda hotel complex, Suzdal — pickles, fish soup, pastries, mead;
  • Gostiny Dvor restaurant and confectionery, Suzdal — liqueurs, pickles, meat delicacies, mini-desserts, cereals;
  • Gnezdo Pekarya family restaurant, Suzdal — liqueurs, pastries and bread, cabbage soup;
  • Ogurets restaurant, Suzdal — liqueurs, pastries, cereals, pickles;
  • Krucha restaurant in Voznesenskaya Sloboda Park Hotel, Vladimir — meat dishes, pastries, pates.

Main attractions of the region

Church of the Intercession on the Nerl

The one-domed white-stone temple rises on the banks of the Nerl, far from the villages. The year of its construction is considered to be 1165. It was dedicated to a new holiday in Russia — the Intercession of the Virgin, in the XII century, which was introduced by Andrey Bogolyubsky. The walls of the temple are decorated with carvings of David, figures of animals, female masks.

Alexandrov Sloboda

The open-air museum in Aleksandrov is the former residence of Russian tsars. The first buildings appeared here under Knyaz Vasily III, and during the reign of his son, Ivan the Terrible, the settlement served as the capital of the Russian state. The oldest temple of the complex is the Trinity Cathedral, built in 1513.

Museum of Crystal named after Maltsov

The magnificent exposition of the museum is located in the St. George Cathedral of the 19th century. There are more than 2,000 crystal exhibits — vases, wine glasses, decanters, plates, glasses. All of this was created by masters of Gus-Khrustalny from the 18th century to this day.

Meshchyora National Park

The purpose of creating the park in 1992 was to preserve the pristine natural beauty of Meshchyora. The park also includes a local history complex with real huts, wells, banyas and other ancient Russian buildings, where tourists can participate in interactive programs with a national flavor.

Museum of Wooden Architecture in Suzdal

This unique architectural museum appeared in Suzdal in the 1960s, and there the real spirit of the Russian village of the period of the 18th-19th is carefully preserved. Inside all the buildings, the interior of the past centuries has been recreated with precision.

Suzdal Kremlin

The most ancient building in Suzdal was built for defensive purposes back in the 10th century. Almost all of its main facilities have been preserved, and even some of the earth ramparts. Only the wooden defensive walls and towers were lost in the fire. The main attractions of the ancient Kremlin are its temples.

Bogolyubsky Monastery

The construction of the temple was carried out by Andrey Bogolyubsky at the beginning of the 12th century, although its current appearance is determined mainly by the buildings of the 19th century. Fragments of the knyaz’s palace have been preserved on the territory of the monastery. One of the main shrines is the icon of the Mother of God. Today the monastery is active.

Bald Mountain (Lysaya Gora) in Gorokhovets

There are a lot of legends about the name and origin of this mountain. According to some of them, this is not a mountain at all, but a mound, poured on the burial site of the Golden Horde Khan, according to other versions — it was a place of worship for pagan gods. Excavations have shown that even in the 5th century B.C. Finno-Ugric tribes lived here.

Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir

A masterpiece of ancient Russian architecture in Vladimir was built at the beginning of the 12th century as the main temple of the Vladimir and Suzdal lands. It was decorated by the best architects from different countries, and the interior was painted by famous masters Andrei Rublev and Daniil Cherny. Some fragments of their frescoes have survived to this day. The great tsars and representatives of the clergy are buried on the territory of the temple.


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