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Yasno Pole Ecopark

About company

Yasno Pole Ecopark is a place to rest, work and just live in tune with nature.

Yasno Pole Ecopark is located in the Yasnogorsky district of the Tula region, not far from the Oka river, 120 km away from Moscow. On the territory of 500 hectares, things related to living in the country are rapidly developing: active leisure, healthy eating, creativity, as well as research and implementation of the most advanced technologies of green architecture and construction.

Competitive advantages:

  • Unusual aesthetics and beautiful landscapes. The theme of architecture is key in the concept of the ecopark, which helps to develop the aesthetic unity of what is created by nature and man. All infrastructure objects — both houses and farm buildings, apart from their main purpose, are designed to emphasize the beauty of nature forms;
  • Various formats of guest accommodation at affordable prices: unusual architectural houses, a greenhouse hotel, a hostel over a farm (ark), glamping;
  • Our own dairy products. The Yasno Pole cheese factory makes natural cheeses and dairy products from the milk of cows and goats living in the eco-park farm, holds cheese tastings and workshops on cheese making;
  • Delicious and healthy food provided by our own eco-farm;
  • Stables: horse riding training, horseback riding;
  • Ceramic workshop;
  • Art Residence: Playback theater on the territory of the eco-park, creative workshops and master classes;
  • Guests are welcome to bring their pets;
  • Company follows the rules of sustainable living.

Detailed range of services

  • Accommodation objects: Teplice Hotel, Dom-Kovcheg hostel, glamping, guest houses.
  • Gym.
  • Stables services.
  • Halls for classes.
  • Steam sauna on birch wood with bath besom for every taste.
  • Agricultural products of our own production: dairy and meat products.
  • Cheese tastings and excursions in the Yasno Pole cheese dairy..
  • Ceramic workshop.
  • Creative workshops: ceramics and handmade jewelry.
  • Eco-farm: goat milking master class, animal care.
  • Apitherapy — sleeping on bee hives.

Main news of the company

  • Winner of Live Organic 2019 award for the best eco hotel.
  • 5 gold medals (10 medals in total) in the best cheeses of Russia 2020 contest.


Dmitry Cherepkov
Director general


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