The winners of 5 fam trips

Congratulations to 5 winners of fam trips to Krasnaya Polyana Resort in Sochi!

  1. Pravin Prajapati, India, Ahmedabad, Sai Travels Pro
  2. Bhavna Vora, India, Nagpur, VORA TRAVELS PRIVATE LIMITED
  3. Nitish Gupta, India, Zenith Holidays
  4. Chandrasekhar Sivaraman, India, Ghaziabad, DUNYA TRAVEL SERVICES
  5. Rohan Nair, India, Kolhapur, Yugen Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

Watch the video of the lucky draw>>>

After the first lucky draw, not all the participants were able to confirm their status of travel professionals. We have conducted the second lucky draw.

Watch the second video of the lucky draw>>>